Yan St-Onge

Creative writing

Yan St-Onge is an artist, poet, performer and specialist in nothing. Her creative work has been broadcast in various contexts in Quebec, Ontario, France and on the web in the form of exhibitions, images, screenings, performances, texts or sound works. As part of a collaboration with the artist Nataliya Petkova, he published the artist’s book “Conti Nuité” in 2014 in the White House. He was part of the JunioR audio art collective, the Ex Corpus Rien performance collective and the real-fake rock band We Are A Little Beat Rush. His texts and poems have been published in various journals. Since October 2014, he has been involved in the creation project # drifting on Twitter, as well as participating in live poetry performances on the same platform. He is writing a doctoral dissertation in semiology at UQAM that focuses on performance poetry.

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