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Victoria Welby

Creative writing

Victoria Welby is a character born, a little by hasard, in a dating website. Since her author didn’t want a numbered pseudo (that would be an insult for her imagination), she ended up borrowing the name of another person. Intello and semiotician herself, she donned her avatar named after an English semiotician, necessarily unknown to people attending dating sites.

The first public release of Victoria Welby (ie outside the dating sites) took place in May 2006, as part of two literary projects using the blog as a publication platform. From one chance comes another. Not wishing to associate her real name or her main email address with these projects, the author decided to reuse Victoria Welby as an avatar. All his literature projects, hypermedia or not, are now signed by this name. She did one or two literary things under her real name, but she now gives them as Victoria Welby productions under a pseudonym.

The projects build different portraits of Victoria Welby. Her life is also complicated by the existence of her English namesake and her author, with whom she shares certain traits but not others, in one sense or the other.

Victoria Welby is a virtual character in constant construction and can only be defined by admitting the logic of the included third. Otherwise, you have to go for schizophrenia.

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