Steve Giasson


Artistic approach

Steve Giasson (° 1979, Quebec) is a conceptual artist. In his work, ideas and language are prioritized over images and forms. The choice of the adopted medium (conceptual writing, performance art, sculptural micro-intervention, video, photography…) to realize his works depends each time on the idea he wants to transmit or shape and, to a certain extent, on the context of exhibition (invitation, spaces, platforms, etc.) and ongoing research. Most often, the works produced are characterized by a great economy of means and the use of fragile and ephemeral materials that affirm his strong rejection of the spectacular and decorative.

In addition, his committed and tongue-in-cheek practice is generally based on pre-existing works, historical or daily fragments, which he appropriates more or less openly and in different ways, between tribute and outrage. He seeks to undermine the romantic notions of authenticity and originality and demystify the creative process and the figure of the artist.


Steve Giasson is pursuing a PhD in Études et pratiques des arts (Université du Québec à Montréal).

His work has been shown in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and India in five solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions including the Liverpool Biennial 2012, the Text Festival 2011 and 2014 (Manchester), ED RUSCHA BOOKS & Co. at the Brandhorst Museum (2013, Munich) and the Gagosian Gallery (2013, New York City, 2015, Paris and 2016, Beverly Hills) and the Morni Hills Performance Art Biennial II (2018, Morni Hills and Chandigarh, India).

He has several artist and poetry books and booklets to his credit.

He is the laureate of the Prix de La Vitrine culturelle pour un artiste émergent and a Cirque du Soleil Mention awarded as part of Art Souterrain 2015.

He lives and works in Montreal and is represented by the Edmund Felson Gallery (Berlin).


Photo Credits : © Mike Patten

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