Shanzhai Lyric

Poetic research and archival unit

The Shanzhai Lyric is an inquiry into global logistics and linguistics through the prism of technological aberration and nonofficial cultures. Taking inspiration from the experimental text that often appears on counterfeit (shanzhai) clothing coming out of China and proliferating across the globe, the project looks specifically at how the language of counterfeit uses mimicry, hybridity, and permutation to both revel in and reveal the artifice of global fashion hierarchies. This work seeks to contribute to a post-colonial discourse surrounding non-normative language use as a mode of investigating identity, difference, and desire in a globalized era‭. ‬The Shanzhai Lyric has previously taken the form of poetry-lecture, essay, installation and archive: @shanzhai_lyric.

Shanzhai Lyric is a project of Display Distribute, carried out by Ming Lin and Alexandra Tatarsky.

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