Eric Darsan



Born in 1975, Eric Darsan is a writer, nomad, and active member of General Instin. He publishes texts and articles in various online literary magazines (, Poezibao, Sitaudis, The Manifesto, etc.) as well as on his personal website, with a particular interest for independent publishing, contemporary and experimental literature, poetic and political. He is the author of Le Monde des contrées, published in 2016 by Le Tripode, an introduction to the integral work of Jacques Abeille illustrated by the 400 strokes, a collective of about twenty screenprint artists. Among his feats of action is the weekly soap opera (G) Dream, General (E): War Song for the Army of Instin, a four-stroke insurrectional series published in collaboration and simultaneously on and Lundi Matin.


His practice unfolds today on two intersecting axes: criticism and creation. He aims in his literary critics to convey “what books do rather than what they are“. This approach, undertaken with his companion, Lou Darsan, was the subject of Manifestes. His Chronicles and Nota Bene integrate into filigranes the elements of a political and personal news and join his creative texts in a hyper- / inter-textual approach. Texts where the meaning is neither given nor imposed, but resides in proposals oriented by a typography which is of the sign and the ideogram to constitute a grammar which is specified over the publications. At the same time rhythmic and nonlinear, playing on the graph and the sound, the ellipse and the repetition, close to the serial music, starting from a reduced range of concepts which declines and grows with its additions and variations, this practice po-é / -li-tick aims to constitute a thought and a language in movement that can oppose and escape the cult of the idea, in two words: to the dominant ideology.

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