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Danielle St-Amour

Publishing & Contemporary Art

Danielle St-Amour is an artist, writer, and curator who works predominantly with collaborative projects and platforms. Since recently completing a term as director at Art Metropole in Toronto, she has been the curator-in-residence at SBC Gallery in Montreal, organizing a series of exhibition cycles looking at publishing and collective labour, entitled LOOSELY ASSEMBLED. In 2013 she co-curated the exhibition TO BECOME WHOLE at The Banff Centre, with writer and art historian Robin Simpson, looking at the history and effects of the Canadian Whole Earth Almanac and Toronto’s experimental Rochdale College.  She was the co-founder of critical publication REARVIEWS, a platform for reviewing exhibition reviews (2011-2015), as well as the exhibition space WWTWO in Montreal (2011-2013). From 2008-2013, she was a member of the experimental publishing collective palimpsest. St-Amour lectures, teaches workshops and regularly publishes arts-adjacent writing nationally and internationally.

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