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Benoit Bordeleau

Flânerie and creative writing

Benoit Bordeleau was born in Buckingham (Quebec). He has worked, amongst other, as coordinator of La Traversée – Atelier québécois de géopoétique and as research assistant for the Laboratoire NT2: nouvelles textualités, nouvelles technologies. His research and creative activities, combining texts and photography in a flânerie process, have brought him to host and participate to several Web collective project, including #Dérive/s, Hochelaga imaginaire, and Gares – explorations géopoétiques en gares de banlieue montréalaises. In addition to have been published in Mœbius and Exit reviews, he has published in 2012 the novel Au détour de l’habitude. His PhD thesis, defended in October 2016, focuses on Hochelaga neighbourhood representations in Quebec literature. 

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