It is easy to think about our spaces as a production of a small number of huge private companies: the GAFAM (to which one should add other giants like Netflix, Uber, Airbnb…). These companies produces a mainstream discourse which is omnipresent in our representation of our world. We live in the space produced by these companies and this space seems to be more and more homogeneous and continuous. The only available space. Are there exceptions? Can we be elsewhere? How can the notion of “exception” be a tool that helps us to produce public space?


In particular, acts of publication are ways for producing the space we inhabit. Whereas tech giants have became global publishers through which we publish everydayt, where are the exceptions? Can we propose something else? What kind of “exceptional publishing acts” can we imagine?

Darren Wershler
Media studies
Dominic Smith
Philosophy of Technology
Gérard Wormser
Scholarly Publishing
Marcello Vitali-Rosati
Margot Mellet
Literature and publishing