Design for public poetics

To test a scenario for the materialization and the activation of a public domain actor network


The project consists, as a first step, to carry out a survey on the territorial proximity and the community of the public domain by using techniques of Community Development (Working Together, Singh, 2007) .

In a first moment, public domain works will be approached as people following the actor-network theory (ANT for Actor-Network Theory, Latour, Callon, etc. .) taking into consideration the issues of fragility, lack of voice, devaluation, insecurity, forgetfulness, the threat of blockage or enclosure that affect them. We will consider objects in the public domain, documents, speeches, as humans in a situation of vulnerability and exclusion in their relationship to institutions. And we will seek to better understand the communities in the public domain served by these institutions in order to create links, to involve them in decision-making, to foster collaborations between them (communities and institutions) in a perspective that wants capacity rather than deficit.

Emmanuel Château-Dutier
Digital Humanities
François Charbonnier
Hugh McGuire
Literature and publishing
Marie Martel
Marina Gallet
Pascale Félizat-Chartier
Pierre Choffet
Semantic Web