Performances at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art

The Shanzai Lyric


A lecture-performance and group poetry reading drawing from assembled shanzhai texts.




Benoit Bordeleau, Victoria Welby, and Yan St-Onge will propose punctual and ephemeral updates of this vast literary project that is the project # drift (s), site that can not be contained in one or more of its occurrences..


© Benoit Bordeleau


Général à vendre


A new editorialization of the GI General Instin military-artistic spectrum through centuries of activism.



SP 38, Toronto, 2013


Le général en mouvement(s)


Instin, from IS to NSK: attempts to approach the collective ghost.



Embezzlement of a US Air Force aircraft by GI.
Sticker SP 38 – Photo Lou Darsan, Shqipëria 201


The Publishing Sphere Graph Poem

Chris Tanasescu of MARGENTO presents a performance involving corpora of texts pertaining or relevant to Publishing Sphere 2019 and a number of algorithms (alongside audio and video work) representing those corpora as networks and tracking down certain remarkable nodes in the networks, while submerging them in other (‘big data’) poetry corpora and in certain media, such as digital space, waste, and the sleeping human brain.